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With a background in both science and almost 30 years of experience in complementary approaches to health, Dr. Michael Milburn is your guide to finding your way back to health. Dr. Milburn specializes in diagnosis using the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of pattern recognition, looking at the mind-body as a whole and identifying patterns of systemic imbalance while incorporating the latest developments in nutritional science and lifestyle medicine. Therapies directed at restoring the underlying disharmony in the whole mind-body system are the most effective. He focuses on using mind-body healing techniques (qi gong and tai chi), clinical nutrition using a whole-food plant-based diet, herbal medicine, and more.. The right combination of these gentle therapies can transform even the most stubborn chronic health problems. He takes the time to find out who you are and how the problems you're currently facing connect together, then works with you to find the right combination of therapies, nutritional and lifestyle changes that will really make a difference in solving your chronic health challenges.  

Contact Dr. Michael Milburn by email or by phone (902) 562-2507.

Complementary Medicine Specialist in:

  Arthritis and Chronic Pain

  Female Health Issues: Infertility, Painful  Menstruation, Menopausal Symptoms

  Male Health Issues: Impotence, Prostate

  Complementary Cancer Care

  Chronic Headache

  Digestive Problems

  Skin Problems

  Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia

  Sleep and Psychological Disorders



Complementary Medicine Clinic Features:


Diagnosis using Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern Recognition

Traditional Tongue and Pulse Analysis

Traditional Chinese Style Acupressure and Ear Point Therapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Integrated Western and Traditional Chinese Nutrition



           Chinese medicine is an ancient system of healing. The essential elements of modern “traditional Chinese medicine” or TCM for short, were put into place about 2000 years ago and documented in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. Chinese medicine is different in many respects from Western medicine. Instead of focusing on diseases, Chinese medicines looks at patterns of disharmony in the body, mind and spirit. By re-establishing balance in the system as a whole, Chinese medicine allows the system to heal itself.

    It is important to understand that Chinese medicine treatments, whether it be herbs or acupuncture, are designed to create balance in the person, not treat the disease. In Chinese medicine it is said: “One disease, many treatments; one treatment, many diseases.” Holistic Chinese medicine is ideally suited for chronic diseases. You can tell if your acupuncture treatment is based on holistic Chinese medicine. If so, your practitioner will look at your tongue and pulse and ask you questions about things such as your response to hot and cold weather. Chinese herbal medicines are not used singly but in combinations (formula) designed to balance a pattern of disharmony unique to the individual.

     In Chinese medicine, there is not a single cure ( like a chemical drug in Western medicine). Instead, a variety of different approaches can be used for healing.

  1.    Chinese healing exercise (Tao Yin, Qi Gong, Tai Chi)
  2.     Diet
  3.      Massage
  4.     Herbs

  5.      Acupressure


     In Chinese medicine, unlike Western medicine, it is very important for the “patient” to take an active role in their search for health and balance. Diet, Chinese healing exercises and a balanced lifestyle are very important parts of getting and staying well.


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