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Tai Chi Fan 16 Form

Michael Teaching Tai Chi Fan, St. Ann's Bay, Nov., 2006


     Tai Chi Fan 16 Form is a Level 3 course available to students who have completed Levels 1 & 2 or to those with previous Tai Chi or Qi Gong experience. The fan is a traditional weapon in Chinese Kung Fu and it adds a touch of elegance and grace to Tai Chi. Michael had an opportunity to visit Tao Mountain in the Catskill area of New York State in June, 2006 to study the set directly from the Tai Chi Master who developed it, Chunna (Tina) Zhang.  Master Zhang visited Cape Breton in October, 2006, offering advanced instruction to Michael and his Tai Chi Fan students.



Michael with Tai Chi Master           Michael Poses With His Class at Tao Mountain

Chunna (Tina) Zhang    


  The fan is a traditional weapon in Chinese Kung Fu. Many different weapons forms of Tai Chi exist, using swords, sabers, and of course fans. Tai Chi Fan sets may use a single fan or double fans. While there are clear martial applications for the use of a fan in tai chi, its beauty and graceful nature adds to the flowing elegance of tai chi. The rapid opening and closing of the fan adds an exciting dramatic element.

Tai Chi Master Chunna (Tina) Zhang, originally from Beijing and now based in New York City, developed this shortened fan form from a longer routine created by one of her teachers. This form is largely based on postures found in the 24 Form Tai Chi, the most popular form of tai chi in the world today. 24 Form is a Yang style set developed in the 1950s from longer, more complex Yang style tai chi forms. Tai Chi Fan 16 Form also includes postures based on the rare Northern Wu style of Tai Chi.

The Tai Chi Fan 16 Form is an excellent way to begin your exploration of tai chi. It is short enough to be easy to learn, while the fan adds an extra dimension to tai chi practice. Its close relationship to the 24 Form Tai Chi set, the world’s most popular form of tai chi, makes it easy to continue with other Yang style tai chi forms. Tai Chi Fan is also an excellent way for people experienced with Tai Chi to learn a weapons form. The fans martial application are joined by the flowing and dramatic nature of the fan.


Tai Chi Fan Performance, Tao Mountain in the Catskill Mountains, New York State, June 2006  


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