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Internationally renowned teacher of qi gong and tai chi, Tina Zhang is originally from Beijing, China, but is now based in New York City where she is a director of the Wu Tang Physical Culture Association. Tina is the author of several recent books on Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Ba Gua Zhang. Her new book on the Earth Energy Qi Gong program for women's health will be available in early 2008. Reserve a copy now by contacting Michael by phone or email.



Tina Zhang in Cape Breton

Master Zhang, on her first visit to Canada, was in Cape Breton from Oct. 13-15, 2006 to teach her Earth Energy for Women Qi Gong workshop. The weekend workshop was a tremendous success with approximately 30 women of all ages and experience participating. Over 90 % of participants rated the weekend workshop as 5/5 "Excellent." This special set of eight easy-to-learn Qi Gong exercises was developed by Tina after years of study with some of China's top Masters. Tina will be back in Cape Breton in 2008.

Tina Zhang Leads the Class in a Qi Gong Exercise, October, 2006 Tina Zhang and Workshop Participants, October, 2006


About the Earth Energy Qi Gong for Women Program

This special medical Qi Gong was originally developed and perfected over the course of 1700 years by Taoists, Traditional Chinese Medical doctors and Qi Gong experts in China to feed the needs of a woman’s unique anatomy.

This Qi Gong set will help women to cultivate more of the Earth energy (female energy) that they naturally have in their bodies. It moves the blood and generates female energy through a series of very gentle, conscious, easy-to-learn, and graceful Qi Gong movements. This set works by discovering and connecting the positive energy in woman’s internal organs and systems to improve or maintain their functions. It creates pelvic health which in turn helps women to balance their emotions and hormones to ease or arrest uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation or menopause, in all stages of their lives. This Qi Gong set also promotes long range anti-aging and a healthy weight control without drugs. The course is accessible for women of any age or physical ability.


"The Earth Energy Qi Gong for Women" program was developed and taught by Tina Zhang

You can learn more about Tina Zhang and the Earth Energy for Women Qi Gong program by visiting Tina's website:

Earth Energy for Women Website


About Tina Zhang

Tina Chunna Zhang has experienced Chinese Martial Arts and dance since her childhood in Beijing, China and moved to the U.S. in the 1980’s. She has studied and trained with the most skillful internal martial arts masters in China. She is a disciple of Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan Master Li Bing Ci, the president of Beijing Wu Style Tai Ji Quan Research Center. She also studies Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang under the Master Liu Jing Ru. She won the gold medals twice in women’s sparring of Chinese Martial arts tournaments. She is a high nationally ranked medalist in both Tai Ji Quan and Ba Gua Zhang forms, weapons, and push hands. She is the U.S. National Champion in Women’s Wu Style Tai Ji Quan of 2005. She is the co-author of Classical Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan, and the establisher of Earth Energy Qi Gong for Women program.

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