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Optimum Health Cooking & Nutrition Classes explore the healthiest ways of eating, including the whole-foods plant-based diets that can reverse major chronic diseases and the world's best food traditions such as the Mediterranean and Okinawan diets. Learn about the health dangers of the modern diet and how to adopt a way of eating that will really help you lose weight, get off those cholesterol medications and just plain feel better. The success of the classes lies in the combination of cooking skills and nutritional information, which will get you started on a life changing path to optimum health. You will have the confidence to make choices for optimum nutrition that taste great, are simple to prepare and inexpensive. 


Gluten Free Cooking (Contact Michael for next course date)

Avoiding gluten is essential for those with celiac disease, an immune reaction triggered by this protein found in wheat, rye and barley. But there are many reasons for even those without a gluten problem to fully explore the wide range of non-gluten whole grains. The "super grains" quinoa and amaranth have spectacular nutritional benefits and the tastes and culinary pleasures of a more diverse diet are many. This course introduces the nutritional understanding of gluten and the non-gluten grains and explores some very tasty dishes featuring qunioa, millet and amaranth. Rather than making healthful eating a challenge, gluten-free is an opportunity to move towards some of the world's healthiest foods. 


Super Healthy Bread Making (Contact Michael for next course date)

  Learn why Supermarket bread is so bad for your health, even the whole wheat versions, and how easy and quick it is to make the healthiest breads at home.  This course will introduce you to the basics of baking breads with whole grains. You will explore flat breads and sourdough breads and learn the secrets of buying and using whole grain flours from wheat, barley, rye, and non-gluten grains. You will learn the nutritional secrets behind sourdough bread making and make a 10 minute sourdough whole grain spelt loaf and a traditional Indian millet flat bread.

Plant-Based Nutrition and Cooking (Contact Michael for next course date)

A Complete Program of Nutrition and Cooking Guaranteed to Transform Your Health 

Gain lifesaving information and skills with this flagship program now in its 15th year. Whether you're interested in the latest research on reversing diabetes, heart disease and cancer with dietary changes, or simply want to lose weight and feel your best, this is the program for you. Research has shown that what you eat can literally change your genes, in as little as 3 months. Bad cancer genes can be turned off and good ones turned on. Effortless weight loss can occur while eating more food, you just have to learn how to eat the right kinds of foods. Essential life changing and even lifesaving information and this 10 hour program will give you the information and skills you need to get to that state of optimum health. Go beyond the idea that eating more chicken and fish and some whole wheat bread is all that you can do to improve your health. Explore the whole-food, plant-based diets that can actually reverse chronic disease and the world's healthiest food traditions (Mediterranean, Okinawan, etc.).

Power packed 10 - hour program of cooking and nutrition
Recipes provided in professional format
Includes cooking skills and complete meals
Six key principles of eating for optimum health
If you're not absolutely thrilled, money back guarantee!

Cooking for Cancer Survival

There is a lot more to healthy eating than "more chicken and fish and whole wheat bread." This evening of cooking and nutrition explores key nutritional strategies for cancer survival, including the opportunity to cook several tasty and quick meals from the Cancer Project's Cancer Survivor's Guide.


Cooking with Soy Foods

A one-evening program exploring the rich culinary tradition of Asian soyfoods: soymilk, tempeh, tofu, edamame, and miso. You will explore the nutritional features and health benefits of soyfoods and learn how to cook a wide variety of quick, easy and delicious recipes.



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