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Dr. Michael Milburn offers a wide range of world-class Qi Gong and Tai Chi courses to suit all ages and abilities. Current course offerings are listed below, followed by a description of some of the most popular programs. You can find more detailed program information by clicking on the link. All programs come with a guarantee: improve your health or your money back. Contact Michael directly to find the program best suited to meet your needs or if you are interested in a weekend workshop or ongoing class in your community or workplace.  You can reach Dr. Milburn by email CBtcm@eastlink.ca or phone (902) 562-2507.


2019 Course Schedule


Tai Chi at Ys Mens Centre, Sydney River

54 Riverdale Dr. Tuesday, 1:00 PM all year.

Tai Chi, a gentle style of Tai Chi emphasizing Mind, Body and Breathing Integration for health. All ages and abilities are welcome, you are expected to work comfortably within your limits. This Tai Chi can be adapted to your needs, even chair bound are welcome.


Tai Chi For Cancer Support

Pier Legion, Thursdays at 1:30 PM

Open to anyone who has experienced cancer and a support person, contact the Cape Breton Cancer Centre, Free Registration


Contact Michael if you are interesting in a presentation or course in your workplace or community. 


Program Information


Qi Gong for Women's Health

Developed by Tai Chi Master Tina Zhang, the Earth Energy for Women program is an easy-to-learn set of 8 qi gong exercises. It is an excellent set for beginners, both simple enough to perform at home on a daily basis and very effective. You will feel the difference qi gong can make to your health and well-being within a few weeks.

Learn More About the Earth Energy for Women Program and Tai Chi Master Tina Zhang



Tai Chi @ Work

This Tai Chi form is extremely simple and easy to learn. It is a very flexible form that can be performed sitting or standing, in 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Tai Chi @ Work is essentially a stress reduction tool. You will learn to turn negative energy into positive and develop more effective interpersonal skills. It also helps maintain circulation and relieve tension in the arms, hands, neck and shoulders to prevent problems from overuse of the computer. If you're interested in learning more about having a workshop or ongoing classes in your workplace, please contact Michael.



Tai Chi for Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Tai Chi has evolved from martial art into a proven medical therapy. This program was developed by a team of Tai Chi experts and rheumatologists led my a medical doctor who suffered from severe arthritis as a student. This MD has been completely free of arthritis for several decades because of Tai Chi practice and the Tai Chi for Arthritis program he helped develop has been clinically proven to reduce pain and increase mobility as much as arthritis medications -- without the side effects. It is also very valuable for related conditions such as fibromyalgia and have been shown to prevent falls in the elderly by over 50%. Even if you don't have arthritis it is a good beginners form of Tai Chi for anyone over 40. 



Tai Chi 24 Form

The 24 Form is the most popular form of Tai Chi in the world. It was developed in the 1950s in China based largely on the Yang style. It is much easier to learn than traditional long forms, yet contains all the essential elements. If you're new to Tai Chi this old standard is a great place to start.

Learn More About Tai Chi 24 Form



Tai Chi Fan 16 Form


For students wishing to explore Tai Chi at a deeper level, consider Tai Chi Fan. Tai Chi Fan 16 Form is a short fan set developed by Tai Chi Master Chunna Zhang based on Yang style with influences from the rare Northern Wu style. Working with the fan is an exciting way to extend Tai Chi practice into weapons forms. The Fan was developed as a weapon during the Qing Dynasty but is also a very graceful and elegant Tai Chi style.

Learn More About Tai Chi Fan


Qi Gong for Men's Health

Based on the Qi Gong for Women's Health program developed by Tai Chi Master Zhang, this is an easy-to-learn set of 8 qi gong movements. The Men's Health Qi Gong set was developed by Michael, adapted to account for the unique needs of men's health. You will be able to quickly develop a daily practice and feel the difference that qi gong can make to your health. 

Relaxation Breathing and the Five Animal Frolics

This course introduces all the essential components of qi gong and tai chi: relaxation, quiet concentration, and deep breathing. An easy to learn set of Qi Gong movements called the Five Animal Frolics helps improve health problems ranging from arthritis to balance. It is the perfect antidote to the “stress” of life in modern times.

Learn More About the Five Animal Frolics

Six Healing Sounds and Advanced Five Animal Frolics


Level 2 features a very easy to learn, yet extremely powerful qi gong set called the "Six Healing Sounds." This exercise helps to balance the essential energy-organ systems and their associated emotions according to traditional Chinese medicine. A deeper level of practice of the Five Animal Frolic set works to blend mind, body and breathing, improve balance and flexibility, and refine the basic movements.


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